Things to do in Kanchanaburi



If the wildlife, climate, rich culture, and impeccable food choices haven’t yet convinced you to visit Kanchanaburi, perhaps it is time to highlight the best way to tour the city. I highly recommend the fun with Hummer stretch rental tour, which allows you to see the city at your own leisure.

This allows you to tour the city, sample the bars and restaurants, and even venture out into the city’s vast countryside. With the limo, Kanchanaburi is your oyster. Visit one of the many wildlife reserves, see the exotic beaches, or even go on a limo wine tasting tour as part of your rental.

But why stop there? Kanchanaburi is known for so much more than meets the eye. Aside from its scenery is a vibrant nightlife that many aren’t even aware of. I found this out during the same tour after I was able to go on a limo brewery tour, and met people that showed me what Kanchanaburi is really all about.

You can read about Kanchanaburi all you want, but the only way to really experience the city is at your own pace.

A big small city

When you first visit Kanchanaburi, it may seem like your typical small Thai town. I was incredibly surprised when I was able to see just how vibrant the town’s nightlife was. In some ways, it rivals the major cities of the United States in terms of how hard these people party.

I was able to find places open until all hours of the night serving delicious food and drink, and even though I did not speak the language, people were always there to greet me with a smile. Some even showed me around town, highlighting the historic buildings as well as the best bars to wet my whistle at.

Not wanting the night to end, I simply ended up walking the streets at night simply enjoying the city’s beauty and splendor. I feel as though the wonderful night was the direct result of spending the money to take the limo tour, which allowed me to meet people and see what Kanchanaburi truly has to offer.



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