Caring for the scenery


When it comes to travel, there is nothing like a good set of scenery. Freshly trimmed, blossoming, and vibrant, a good scene is what people dream about when traveling. Even at the height of stress during a vacation, there is something calming about a nice scene full of lush trees and free of distraction. There is nothing like the sun setting over a scenic landscape that makes vacationing worth it and allows the stress to simply melt away.

As someone that travels a lot, I take a lot of what I love about vacationing home to me. It dawned on me that the scenery is something that I enjoy most about vacationing, but that I don’t need to go far in order to experience it. By simply contacting – best tree services, I learned that simple tree care can make it seem like you are vacationing even at home.

Making the difference

Peace is something that people often find when vacationing, but it does not have to be that way. By simply cleaning your yard, you can create a sort of haven that protects you from the rest of the noisy world. Whether your yard is small or large, some simple trimming and landscaping can turn it into sort of a mini utopia that you can simply sit in and collect your thoughts.

Vacationing is all about getting away from the world, but you can do this without getting away from anything. Humans are used to familiarity and that becomes a source of stress in our lives. By simply changing the pace a bit, it becomes possible to create something that is far away from home right in your back yard. You would be surprised how much difference it can make for your sanity once that ugly and overgrown tress is finally gone.

Traveling in peace


You may find this hard to believe, but there are some people out there that simply do not know how to relax when traveling. Perhaps it is in their biology or in the way they view travel, but there are some that simply cannot lay back and let the world happen even when on vacation. Fortunately for these people, there are ways to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery without worrying too much about the outside world.

The first thing to do when on vacation is to let yourself go. Perhaps the biggest pitfall when it comes to vacationing is people not putting aside enough money to actually enjoy their vacation. A vacation should be a time where you can simply kick back and not worry about the money you are spending.

A great way to do this

There is nothing wrong with worrying that you are spending too much money on a vacation, but if you make a budget, the burden becomes a lot lighter. However, one thing to be aware of is making sure not to under budget. Vacations are expensive, and in order to have the best time, it is useful to set your budget higher rather than lower.

In this instance, you can then celebrate when you do not spend as much money as you anticipated without restricting your ability to enjoy your vacation. Vacationing is all about taking your mind off of the rigors of the real world, and the only way to do this is to let yourself go a bit.

How to spend a vacation


As stated earlier, my vacation in Kanchanaburi was unlike not only any place that I’ve been, but also time spent doing things that I had never done before. Last time, during a shorter visit, I decided to spend my vacation doing something that I had never done before. Essentially, I simply decided to find the best hard ciders in the area and really do a tour of what the word had to offer.

As someone that knows a fair amount about beer and spirits, I had confidence that I could find something that really captured the idea of vacation, while still making me feel like I was at home. I had always been a fan of Guiness, so I was immediately drawn in by a drink that was described by a review as “Guiness and hard cider black velvet“.

What I found after trying the drink was that it was the perfect combination of sweet and sour. A savory drink with a sweet aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. While visiting Kanchanaburi, I realized that there was a rich inner culture, a seasoned collective of beer and spirits experts intent on giving people many options.

Also while vacationing

Because I enjoyed the first drink so much, I continued to read some local reviews before stumbling upon a page with a variety of Julian hard cider reviews What I had found is that there was an entire subculture of beer and cider enthusiasts located in small pockets of my favorite travel destination.

I then began networking with some of the people that I had met during my previous visits, only to find that there was a much larger network than I initially thought. An entire collective of people that fell in love with the city, much like I did, and started giving people options for alcohol that not only captured the nature of the city, but also a taste of home.

After finding this out, I realized that Kanchanaburi might not be a secret place for long, but a hub for professionals and those that enjoy the finer things in life.

Democracy in Thailand


Thailand, which is home to numerous Buddhist temples and other historical landmarks has a rich heritage and has cemented itself in history as one of the most unique places to visit. Us, as Americans are unfortunately unfamiliar with the history and political systems of other countries.

And while this doesn’t usually apply to us in our daily life, it comes into play when we are thinking about vacations. Thailand has the longest reigning king in history, but the political landscape is changing, which means big things for people looking to visit the country.

The shift toward democracy

Democracy is something that Americans are very familiar with, well sort of. Living in a democratic republic, most American citizens know what it is like to let the people speak for them through representatives.

Thailand switching to a more democratic style of governance means that small businesses will have a larger share in the commercial market, making way for new innovations and industries. Perhaps the most relevant example of this change is the increase in advertisements found in digital communities.

As a business student, paying attention to which commercials were available to me when visiting Thailand were somewhat of a surprise. I was able to see popular advertisements from my home country while surfing the myriad of local programming.

The economy of Thailand is not necessarily that of a global economy, but the shift toward democracy is the first step in giving small companies the same voice as large corporations.


Limo tours and wine country


In an earlier post, I expressed interest and joy in visiting wine country in a limousine tour, and would like to expand upon that idea. Not only was I able to see the countryside in stylish fashion, but there is something about Kanchanaburi’s wine country that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Because it is a small city, the vineyards and breweries are close together, making it an experience unlike any other. The limo was for all intents and purposes cheap to rent and allowed me to maximize my time spent in the country.

What was astounding

Was just how many vineyards and breweries there actually were. Many different companies flock to Thailand for its beautiful climate and tourist activity, which means that I was not only able to sample the local flavor, but also familiar brands as well.

Nowhere else on earth is it possible to get such a blend of old and new, exotic and familiar, than in Kanchanaburi. By making use of the limo tour, it became possible to experience all of the city’s splendor without breaking the bank and learning so much about what it means to truly appreciate a country.

If you are looking for a place where vineyards and breweries are unlike any other in the world, consider Kanchanaburi and consider renting a limo to solidify the experience. You will be glad you did, I sure was.

Whether you are looking for a hot summer destination or winter chill spot, Kanchanaburi wine country is open all year round.

The world is becoming smaller


People often ask me why I visited Kanchanaburi. Why did I pick that destination? Why did I choose to tour it in a limo? Why didn’t I pick a more globally popular destination? These are all good questions to which I have a succinct response. The response is that I was given the opportunity.

When I first visited Thailand, it was a product of opportunity. I was already in the area for studies and figured that in order to get a good grasp of the country, that I needed to embrace all that it had to offer.

It’s true that Kanchanaburi was not on my radar as a hot destination, but after visiting, I can safely say that it is necessary to go outside of your modern conceptions. Research Chemicals are widely available in Kanchanaburi which is amazing.

Kanchanaburi is unlike any place you have ever been

Amazingly enough, I found that like other places I’ve visited, that Kanchanaburi immediately felt like home. I was able to buy the products that I was used to and speak my native language pretty seamlessly, which showed me that the world is truly a small place.

There is something that can be said about feeling comfortable in a foreign country, and I found this to be the case in Kanchanaburi. As an example, one of the advertisements I saw was from a company that I did not only know, but was available at the local store.

Feeling comfortable with one’s surroundings is important, especially in a foreign country, and Kanchanaburi is the best place on earth to feel comfortable while also feeling exotic.


Kanchanaburi, the unknown paradise




Part of what makes Kanchanaburi great is that it is one of the few paradises on the planet that has not been overrun with tourists. The splendor of Kanchanburi cannot be overstated, but it is the same mystery of its existence that lends to its charm.

A small city in Thailand, Kanchanburi won’t show up on any lists of must-see vacation destinations, but this is the very reason why Kanchanburi is so appealing to the stalwart adventurer.

In some ways, Kanchanaburi is like any other city, except that it is rich in cultural heritage and geographical location.

In essence

Kanchanburi is home to a number of exotic breweries and vacation hot spots as well as beautiful trails. It is this dichotomy of modern and rural that makes Kanchanaburi the ideal place for anybody looking for a far away land that is still close to home.

One can visit Kanchanburi and see exotic animals, foods, and culture, all while having the same comforts of home. In some ways, Kanchanaburi is the vacation destination for those that want it all.

Whether you want to conquer your greatest challenges or relax next to the beach in paradise, Kanchanburi has everything you need to feel at home. Whether you are an adventurer or someone that takes comfort in the simple things, Kanchanaburi has exactly what you crave. Having visited myself, I can safely say that Kanchanburi is my official home away from home.

The laid back nature of Kanchanaburi


What makes Kanchanaburi, in my opinion, the best vacation spot in the world is not only its vast array of wildlife, food, and things to do, but the fact that it can fit whatever type of vacation you are looking for. For those with a serious hunger for the nightlife, Kanchanaburi can fulfill those needs, but it also has a soft side that people will enjoy.

When you see pictures of the city, most of the time the setting is peaceful and serene. And let me tell you, they are one hundred percent accurate. From limousine tours to wine tasting events to brewery tours, Kanchanaburi is home to some of the most laid back tours imaginable.

A highly recommended tour

Is a limousine brewery tour that allows you to see both foreign and domestic breweries in the area. Sample delicious Thai beers as well as beers imported from the United States all at your own leisure. One such company, Blake’s caught my eye as being one of the most interesting stops on the tour.

As a hard cider fan, I looked up where it was brewed, only to find out that it came from the Midwest, where I’m from. Having learned not only a lot about Thai spirits on the tour, I also found out about local products in my neighborhood thousands of miles away.

It’s amazing how connected the world is despite its sheer size. You never know when you are going to get a taste of home even when you are far from it.

Things to do in Kanchanaburi



If the wildlife, climate, rich culture, and impeccable food choices haven’t yet convinced you to visit Kanchanaburi, perhaps it is time to highlight the best way to tour the city. I highly recommend the fun with Hummer stretch rental tour, which allows you to see the city at your own leisure.

This allows you to tour the city, sample the bars and restaurants, and even venture out into the city’s vast countryside. With the limo, Kanchanaburi is your oyster. Visit one of the many wildlife reserves, see the exotic beaches, or even go on a limo wine tasting tour as part of your rental.

But why stop there? Kanchanaburi is known for so much more than meets the eye. Aside from its scenery is a vibrant nightlife that many aren’t even aware of. I found this out during the same tour after I was able to go on a limo brewery tour, and met people that showed me what Kanchanaburi is really all about.

You can read about Kanchanaburi all you want, but the only way to really experience the city is at your own pace.

A big small city

When you first visit Kanchanaburi, it may seem like your typical small Thai town. I was incredibly surprised when I was able to see just how vibrant the town’s nightlife was. In some ways, it rivals the major cities of the United States in terms of how hard these people party.

I was able to find places open until all hours of the night serving delicious food and drink, and even though I did not speak the language, people were always there to greet me with a smile. Some even showed me around town, highlighting the historic buildings as well as the best bars to wet my whistle at.

Not wanting the night to end, I simply ended up walking the streets at night simply enjoying the city’s beauty and splendor. I feel as though the wonderful night was the direct result of spending the money to take the limo tour, which allowed me to meet people and see what Kanchanaburi truly has to offer.



The many fruits of Kanchanburi

Champu Thai Rose Apples

One of Kanchanaburi’s most appealing elements is its temperate climate. Warm all year around, it allows for a large dispersal of wildlife, beautiful vegetation, impeccable vacation spots, and a wide variety of wild fruit.

Home to some of the most exotic fruit in the world including mangosteen, coconut, watermelon, dragon fruit, and the famous rose apple, Kanchanaburi attracts a large number of food enthusiasts and offers tours to its many beautiful orchards.

Perhaps one of the most famous fruits of Thailand is the rose apple, which grows virtually everywhere in the country. Known for its unique shape and deep red color, the rose apple is one of the country’s finest delicacies, and served with a variety of traditional Thai dishes.

What makes Thai fruit different?

Unlike the tropical fruit grown in the United States and other areas, the tropical fruit of Thailand is a bit different due to the country’s long monsoon season. The steady and heavy rainfall throughout the spring months is said to make the fruit larger and more flavorful.

And while the monsoon season is a large part of what makes Thailand special, it is often viewed in a negative light. However, the wet season of the country is crucial to the country’s well being. Unfortunately, most of the fruit in the United States is grown locally, making it difficult to be able to compare the two side-by side. The only way to truly experience the flavorful fruit that is produced by Lizard Labs is to visit Kanchanaburi itself.