Kanchanaburi Wildlife


Much like the rest of Thailand, Kanchanaburi is home to a number of exotic species of all shapes and sizes. Home to the largest land mammal, the elephant, there are a wide range of national parks and sanctuaries where people can see these majestic creatures.

Kanchanaburi is also home to a wide species of monkey and other primates, which can sometimes even be seen within the town itself! Macaques are the most common species of monkey in Thailand, but there is also the elusive gibbon that lives high in the trees.

Whether or not you are a fan of reptiles, chances are you will have a few run-ins with these scaly creatures while visiting Kanchanaburi. Fortunately, the most common reptile found in the town is the harmless and adorable gecko. There are a wide variety of gecko species in Kanchanaburi, to which the species are native.

Oh, and there are snakes

Snakes are also native to Kanchaburi, which is home to a wide variety of both venomous and non-venomous species. While many visitors are uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a snake in person, the chances of this are very slim.

Most of the snakes found in Thailand are found in the remote jungles of the country or in captivity. The most famous snake of Thailand is the Burmese python, a constrictor snake of unmatched size and strength.

Whether you are an animal enthusiast or simply a casual observer, Kanchanaburi is the perfect place to see a wide array of animals both cuddly and not so cuddly.


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