Democracy in Thailand


Thailand, which is home to numerous Buddhist temples and other historical landmarks has a rich heritage and has cemented itself in history as one of the most unique places to visit. Us, as Americans are unfortunately unfamiliar with the history and political systems of other countries.

And while this doesn’t usually apply to us in our daily life, it comes into play when we are thinking about vacations. Thailand has the longest reigning king in history, but the political landscape is changing, which means big things for people looking to visit the country.

The shift toward democracy

Democracy is something that Americans are very familiar with, well sort of. Living in a democratic republic, most American citizens know what it is like to let the people speak for them through representatives.

Thailand switching to a more democratic style of governance means that small businesses will have a larger share in the commercial market, making way for new innovations and industries. Perhaps the most relevant example of this change is the increase in advertisements found in digital communities.

As a business student, paying attention to which commercials were available to me when visiting Thailand were somewhat of a surprise. I was able to see popular advertisements from my home country while surfing the myriad of local programming.

The economy of Thailand is not necessarily that of a global economy, but the shift toward democracy is the first step in giving small companies the same voice as large corporations.


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