Limo tours and wine country


In an earlier post, I expressed interest and joy in visiting wine country in a limousine tour, and would like to expand upon that idea. Not only was I able to see the countryside in stylish fashion, but there is something about Kanchanaburi’s wine country that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Because it is a small city, the vineyards and breweries are close together, making it an experience unlike any other. The limo was for all intents and purposes cheap to rent and allowed me to maximize my time spent in the country.

What was astounding

Was just how many vineyards and breweries there actually were. Many different companies flock to Thailand for its beautiful climate and tourist activity, which means that I was not only able to sample the local flavor, but also familiar brands as well.

Nowhere else on earth is it possible to get such a blend of old and new, exotic and familiar, than in Kanchanaburi. By making use of the limo tour, it became possible to experience all of the city’s splendor without breaking the bank and learning so much about what it means to truly appreciate a country.

If you are looking for a place where vineyards and breweries are unlike any other in the world, consider Kanchanaburi and consider renting a limo to solidify the experience. You will be glad you did, I sure was.

Whether you are looking for a hot summer destination or winter chill spot, Kanchanaburi wine country is open all year round.

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