Kanchanaburi, the unknown paradise




Part of what makes Kanchanaburi great is that it is one of the few paradises on the planet that has not been overrun with tourists. The splendor of Kanchanburi cannot be overstated, but it is the same mystery of its existence that lends to its charm.

A small city in Thailand, Kanchanburi won’t show up on any lists of must-see vacation destinations, but this is the very reason why Kanchanburi is so appealing to the stalwart adventurer.

In some ways, Kanchanaburi is like any other city, except that it is rich in cultural heritage and geographical location.

In essence

Kanchanburi is home to a number of exotic breweries and vacation hot spots as well as beautiful trails. It is this dichotomy of modern and rural that makes Kanchanaburi the ideal place for anybody looking for a far away land that is still close to home.

One can visit Kanchanburi and see exotic animals, foods, and culture, all while having the same comforts of home. In some ways, Kanchanaburi is the vacation destination for those that want it all.

Whether you want to conquer your greatest challenges or relax next to the beach in paradise, Kanchanburi has everything you need to feel at home. Whether you are an adventurer or someone that takes comfort in the simple things, Kanchanaburi has exactly what you crave. Having visited myself, I can safely say that Kanchanburi is my official home away from home.

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