The laid back nature of Kanchanaburi


What makes Kanchanaburi, in my opinion, the best vacation spot in the world is not only its vast array of wildlife, food, and things to do, but the fact that it can fit whatever type of vacation you are looking for. For those with a serious hunger for the nightlife, Kanchanaburi can fulfill those needs, but it also has a soft side that people will enjoy.

When you see pictures of the city, most of the time the setting is peaceful and serene. And let me tell you, they are one hundred percent accurate. From limousine tours to wine tasting events to brewery tours, Kanchanaburi is home to some of the most laid back tours imaginable.

A highly recommended tour

Is a limousine brewery tour that allows you to see both foreign and domestic breweries in the area. Sample delicious Thai beers as well as beers imported from the United States all at your own leisure. One such company, Blake’s caught my eye as being one of the most interesting stops on the tour.

As a hard cider fan, I looked up where it was brewed, only to find out that it came from the Midwest, where I’m from. Having learned not only a lot about Thai spirits on the tour, I also found out about local products in my neighborhood thousands of miles away.

It’s amazing how connected the world is despite its sheer size. You never know when you are going to get a taste of home even when you are far from it.

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