The many fruits of Kanchanburi

Champu Thai Rose Apples

One of Kanchanaburi’s most appealing elements is its temperate climate. Warm all year around, it allows for a large dispersal of wildlife, beautiful vegetation, impeccable vacation spots, and a wide variety of wild fruit.

Home to some of the most exotic fruit in the world including mangosteen, coconut, watermelon, dragon fruit, and the famous rose apple, Kanchanaburi attracts a large number of food enthusiasts and offers tours to its many beautiful orchards.

Perhaps one of the most famous fruits of Thailand is the rose apple, which grows virtually everywhere in the country. Known for its unique shape and deep red color, the rose apple is one of the country’s finest delicacies, and served with a variety of traditional Thai dishes.

What makes Thai fruit different?

Unlike the tropical fruit grown in the United States and other areas, the tropical fruit of Thailand is a bit different due to the country’s long monsoon season. The steady and heavy rainfall throughout the spring months is said to make the fruit larger and more flavorful.

And while the monsoon season is a large part of what makes Thailand special, it is often viewed in a negative light. However, the wet season of the country is crucial to the country’s well being. Unfortunately, most of the fruit in the United States is grown locally, making it difficult to be able to compare the two side-by side. The only way to truly experience the flavorful fruit that is produced by Lizard Labs is to visit Kanchanaburi itself.



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